Creating niche content for your brand

No matter what vertical you are in, there is probably content saturation. This means that most of the companies in that industry are publishing similar content. It will only get harder to increase your organic ranking for certain keywords.

To address this and stand out, some brands are going very niche with their content to draw in a more specific buyer. Finding this niche usually involves combining a service you do well or a well-performing product and a specific industry. Instead of just writing about reasons for outsourcing app development, write about why healthcare should outsource app development.

This is one of the many reasons why our clients are betting big on employee activation. Do you have employees who love cats? Let them write about cats. Do you have employees who like to play dungeons and dragons? There are probably buyers out there just like them who like cats and playing some D&D. Of course you probably have some product engineers and customer service or salespeople who love your space and want to create thought leadership too.

Celebrate the diversity of your employees and the stories they tell!

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