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Websites of many leading businesses and companies have blog links. Unfortunately, it’s been a while since anything new has been posted on many of them!

The simple fact is that the company does not have specialist writers to create blogs that are interesting, entertaining, authoritative and informative on their area of business or industry. The content should also be necessarily light-hearted, with a conversational tone. Plus, it should have the necessary SEO credentials to ensure links by search engines.

Engaging Content from Neteffect Content Creators – with Clear Call to Action – makes your blog a Lead Generator.

It is true that these days, Google looks for depth of content (longer posts with more relevant and reliable information). Readers also have not time to read junk posts with repetitive, meaningless content. Creating blog content is just not an easy task – which is why you should entrust it to Neteffect. We will deliver relevant blogs consistently after studying your industry and business.  

Each Blog Post is a Traffic Generator! It is an additional indexed page – more opportunity for search engine links and appearance in results pages.

Blogs increase your Social Media Engagement and provide content that can be shared.

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