Is your content link-worthy?

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Most blog and content developers fail to understand the simple idea that the purpose of their writing online is to be found. One of the top three ranking factors according to Google is links. There is indeed a strong correlation between the number of links that you can provide within your site or from your blog content and the quality and quantity of organic traffic that it would generate for you! 

If you are in the business of selling anything online, it simply means you need the links to enrich your site and bring in the traffic. The trick of generating links to and from the site is vital for increasing page views. The best way to achieve a better ranking on Google searches is to have plenty of quality links to and from the site.

Blog Writing

For that, you need to create content that is highly informative and authoritative. It should have information that is unique and valuable to the readers. It should the kind of information that others would like to link to from their sites. Attracting backlinks is a whole new ballgame that one would have to master. One way will be to study how other top-ranking sites get their leading pages to generate backlinks. It is worth the while to check out what makes their pages so rich that others want to connect with them.

Even more simple way to generate better backlinks is to find out if your site is answering pain points and providing solutions for readers. Everyone reads something to gain some insight and information that they feel is valuable. Does your article provide information that makes the reader a little bit more confident that some of their problems have been solved or that they have gained new information that enriches their lives?

Is your site linking to another site that gives the reader more information or a solution like an opportunity to buy something online that you have been suggesting? The point of writing content is always to achieve something – like a sale. Without being able to do that, the purpose of the content is not served!