Content for Websites

  • Depends on the number of pages and complexity of the work.
  • Normally, we charge Rs.900 per page (about 600 words).
  • So a six-page website will cost roughly Rs.5,400
  • However, the contact page and other such pages with minimum content, will not be charged


  • Depends on the research required for authentic blogs for your area of business or service.
  • Typically Rs.350 per blog of 250 words.
  • We can consider post lengths of either 350+, 600+, 900+, and 1,200+ words.
  • Blog updates can be 2, 3, 4, or 5 blog posts per week.
  • The actual price can be arrived at taking into consideration the various factors and combinations.

Social Media Posts

The price will depend on which all social media you want. Plus the length of each post – with a choice of 250+, 600+, 900+, and 1,200+ words.
Updates can be 2, 3, 4, or 5 posts per week

Copy for ads

It Will depend on the complexity and nature of work – one-off ad, campaign, script, etc.

Press releases

Rs.2000 per the press release of two pages (800 words)

Landing pages

Direct mail, such as sales letters, loyalty letters, and postcards

Brochures / Flyers / Newsletters

Depends on the number of pages and the complexity of work.

Corporate Whitepapers / PowerPoint Presentations

Depending on the complexity of the work.

Terms: Advance Rs.2,000 per work. The balance on completion of the work is based on the approved brief. Work will not commence without payment of the advance amount. If the customer is not satisfied with the first draft, our approach to the work, our attitude, or whatever – the advance amount will be returned unquestionably.

Briefing: We will be available for briefing at Kochi on a mutually convenient day & time. Outstation meets will incur basic transportation and miscellaneous charges.

Work Presentation: The first draft will be presented within two weeks, usually earlier. After discussion, any modification/addition required will be carried out and the final draft will be presented within a week from the date of discussion.

Change / Modification: If the brief is modified / changes are requested after three days of the presentation of the final text for approval, the work/page will be considered a new task and will incur additional charges.

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