Why do brands in Kochi need the ‘human touch’ in content writing?

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How to keep clients rated high in Google search results will be the prime aspect that digital marketing agencies in Kochi have in mind.

Naturally, they will be resorting to website content with all the keywords, blogs projecting the major aspects of the brand and targeted social media promotions.

Where they fail is in getting good content. Most digital marketing and website development agencies in Kochi need better content writers. Or else they rely on freelancers and ‘outsiders’ who have no familiarity or knowledge of SEO-based content writing.

Most times, they don’t have the required writing skills or background knowledge in advertising and marketing to make the content target-specific, relevant and interesting.

Specialized content writing is vital

Digital marketing and website development agencies depend on freshers and rank juniors to create their content. So they end up with rehashed content from the web where the sentence structure is manipulated with the use of ChatGPGT or some online paraphrasing services.

 Content like this has no practical value nor provides any new information or insight. Visitors will immediately understand that it is just rehashed and stale. Good blogs have something special, new and informative to provide the reader.  

The piece will be well-researched and will come from a point of knowing and knowledge. It will somehow enrich the reader’s life and be uplifting. The reader will learn something new about the product and the brand.  

There are many kinds and types of blog posts to consider. It can be a listicle or a how-to guide. It can be a show and tell – where the product or service is demonstrated. If the CEO or MD of the company is recognized as an industry leader, his thoughts and knowledge can come into play.

Quietly and confidently, many of the Digital Marketing and Website design firms in Kochi are resorting to getting their Website Content and blog writing done by a specialist agency like Neteffect Content Creators.

Helping clients achieve a higher ranking

Not only is it important to have good writers – you need specialists who understand the value of storytelling and know how to tell it well too. The best businesses touch the hearts and minds and inspire people in many ways and at various levels. How a clothing brand and a motorbike speak to its audiences will be different.

Good stories connect with people and encourage them to check out the websites of the client and even end up hitting the buy button. The quality of the visitors to a website or a social media page of a client is better when they have been routed through good content – making them confident and inquisitive.

Neteffect has professionals who have years of experience working in advertising and marketing – dealing with a variety of clients and situations. They know the Kerala and Kochi markets as well as the thoughts and emotions of the people and what drives them.

Content rehashed from the web and generated through AI services do not have the oomph. Bespoke content writing is all the rage with the best clients – be it Tourist destinations, Hotel Chains, Restaurants, Consumer brands, Educational Institutions and even Hospitals and medical services.

They approach Neteffect to make a positive difference for themselves. Today words and images are the tools of marketing and you have just a fleeting moment to make an impact in this information surfeit, attention deficit era.

Any Brand, Any Product, Any Occasion.

The ability of any good content development firm is to rise to the occasion and provide content that makes an impact on the event or time frame. It may be a sales event, a product launch, or a regular seasonal marketing session… everything counts.

High on quality, informative and relevant articles and blogs make their impact through the power of SEO working in the background. All the gods of algorithms love good content and relevant information.  

Whether you wish to revamp your website or commission a series of blogs for your brand or institution, Neteffect Content Creators can be reached by calling 9895 422 322 at Kochi or through Email: response@ neteffect.in or then again, by visiting their website – neteffect.in and responding through their enquiry box.